Do you want to design a creative bio-based solution in a multidisciplinary student team? The Bio-based Innovation Student Challenge Europe (BISC-E) encourages students to explore the emerging bio-based work field while developing a new bio-based product or process. Are you up for the challenge?

The Challenge

All teams develop a bio-based innovation (product or process) and present their ideas via a powerpoint presentation to a jury of experts from industry and science. The presentation has to address sustainability, technical feasibility and economic viability of your innovation. You don’t need to produce your product yet, but you and your team should make it plausible that it could work.

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For who?

The challenge is open for students enrolled in a programme at a Belgium Higher Education Institution, either in the final year of a Bachelor's degree or in a Bachelor or Masters programme at the moment of registration. Due to the multidisciplinary character of the challenge it is recommended to embody multiple disciplines in your team, of which exact science should be one. Team members can come from different institutions.

Everybody wins!

Participating in BISC-E will give you valuable experience in the emerging bio-based work field, in developing a new product or process with all its aspects and in presenting innovative ideas for a panel of experts. On top of that there are great prizes to be won:




14 May 2021 Registration deadline
21 May 2021 Kick-off with all participants
9 July 2021 Submission of presentation and supporting documents
23 July 2021 Presentation and Portugese final
Autumn 2021 EU final (location to be decided by Biobased Industry Consortium)