Greece takes home first prize at European bio-based student competition

Contribute to the sustainability of society by designing a bio-based product or process“. This was the task set for six pioneering student teams participating in the second fully-fledged European final of the BISC-E student competition. The six Read more

Winning student team BISC-E develops idea for biodegradable microbeads

Last week two student teams competed for the Dutch ticket to the European final of BISC-E, the competition in which students design a product or process that fits a circular economy. The Leiden-Groningen team SuckerSpheres won with biodegradable microbeads Read more

Spend your extra free time with BISC-E

Do you suddenly have much more free time in Corona times than you are used to? Are you looking for ways to spend that time in a useful and fun way? Then join the digital kickoff meeting of BISC-E. Read more